to V-ROX 2019

V-ROX will develop a technology to support young musicians on a global international music market

May 28, 13:58
4-6.08-ВМартыненко 17

The V-ROX team decided to suspend the festival in 2018 and now is looking for ways to further development of the project. We follow the feedback and comments of V-ROX fans, develop new concepts and continue to help creative people.

V-ROX is developing a technology to support young musicians, which will enable them to earn their own on international markets. We are searching for opportunities to present indie musicians on a global level.

Having studied the existing trends in the field of modern technologies, we will present a joint project with a world music digital platform that will allow musicians to earn real fees on their own, but also attract the attention of international investors to Vladivostok.

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Ilya Lagutenko and the Organizing Committee of the V-ROX Festival

photo: V. Martynenko