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V-ROX will develop a technology to support young musicians on a global international music market

May 28, 13:58
4-6.08-ВМартыненко 17

The V-ROX team decided to suspend the festival in 2018 and now is looking for ways to further development of the project. We follow the feedback and comments of V-ROX fans, develop new concepts and continue to help creative people.

V-ROX is developing a technology to support young musicians, which will enable them to earn their own on international markets. We are searching for opportunities to present indie musicians on a global level.

Having studied the existing trends in the field of modern technologies, we will present a joint project with a world music digital platform that will allow musicians to earn real fees on their own, but also attract the attention of international investors to Vladivostok.

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Ilya Lagutenko and the Organizing Committee of the V-ROX Festival

photo: V. Martynenko

Ilya Lagutenko: I continue to believe in the importance of Vladivostok as a platform for international cultural exchange

April 3, 14:40

Ilya Lagutenko: “The V-ROX festival has a huge audience recognition being a unique cultural event for Vladivostok in the field of international cultural cooperation. Despite of this in the last two years there were continuous financial difficulties connected with the festival. It is very important that all the events during the festival – concerts, master-classes, discussions – have been free for everybody. We (Mumiy Troll band members and me personally) were spending our own money for this. We were hoping for the financial support from corporate sponsors and local business and administration.

The V-ROX festival it is not only the selection of bands and musicians, communication with international partners from other festivals and professionals of the creative industry around the world. The V-ROX festival is a lot of prosaic items: travel expenses, accommodation, meals for several hundred participants. The festival is a stage and sound installation, rent of the concert equipment, security, cleaning service and much more.

In connection with the unstable economic and political situation in 2018, the V-ROX team could not find financial support from private sponsors, business structures, international organizations, local administration, etc.

Despite such difficulties, I continue to believe in the importance of Vladivostok as a platform for international cultural exchange between the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, which can set the creative industry development and new technologies in the city and country.

Together with the V-ROX team we made a difficult decision: we suspend the festival activities and events in the format, V-ROX existed during the last five years. We have to revise the concept of the event and its management. We were the first in Russia to realize the new type of music, cultural and creative event – showcase festival. But the realities of music industry in our country are so, that we have to create a new concept of V-ROX using not only our own experience and imagination, but also in a dialogue with volunteers and audience of V-ROX 2013-2017”.

From the V-ROX Organizing Committee

April 2, 19:05

Dear V-ROX friends!

In 2018 the festival will not accept the applications from the musicians for V-ROX in Vladivostok. Unfortunately, due to general economic difficulties, we could not find an opportunity for sufficient financing of the festival and holding it in the format it existed for five years.
The V-ROX Festival intends to continue working, creating a new conception and format of the festival. If you are interested in V-ROX and have any thoughts and suggestions about it – we’ll be glad if you share your thoughts with us via e-mail:

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Organizing Committee of the V-ROX Festival: Yuri Lozhechnik, Alisa Seregina